How much does it really cost to freelance full-time? I walk you through my personal 2021 operating expenses as a solo SEO consultant.
Freelancers often make the mistake of looking at agencies as direct competitors when in reality it can be another fantastic source of revenue.
The #Zillow catastrophe is just another reminder that job security should not be the sole reason you avoid a freelance career.
Giving up your salary is the most obvious but what about your benefits? Healthcare, PTO, and retirement plans have value too.
Breaking down one of the biggest expenses that freelancers have when leaving a full-time position.
Why do you want to freelance? Once you establish your goals, the other components simply fall in place.
Nick LeRoy compares 10 years of SEO agency salary which you may use as a proxy for establishing freelancing income goals.
The true, completely transparent story of how I went from managing a team at a well-known agency to becoming a full-time freelancer.
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