Kristine Schachinger: My freelance client SUED ME!?Listen now (51 min) | Developer turned SEO, Kristine joins Nick to discuss her career. They cover the concept of "F U money" and a story where Kristine had to deal with a legal dispute with one of her freelance clients.
Mike Essex: I left SEO for 7 Years Only To Return Stronger (and freelance!)This month I interview Mike Essex of Devise Marketing. We discuss his career starting in digital marketing, leaving the industry and then coming back…
Kristina Azarenko: What comes next after a freelance SEO career?Listen now (48 min) | Kristina Azarenko joins Nick LeRoy in this months The SEO Freelancer podcast. Nick and Kristina discuss her SEO career and choice…
I walk you through my mindset as I battled burnout operating a six figure freelancing business.
Tom Critchlow: I Left Google To Freelance Full Time!Listen now (44 min) | Tom Critchlow is a freelance Strategy Consultant and creator of the very popular courses for SEO professionals at
Bethan Vincent: I quite my marketing director job and doubled my income freelancing.Listen now (45 min) | This month I talk with Bethan Vincent who doubled her income going freelance. She attributes a lot of her success to her personal…
Ryan Darani: I’ve Made £40K/M freelancing full-time and Still Consider Going Back To 9-5!Listen now (38 min) | In this months podcast I talk with Ryan Darani who's been freelancing full-time for the past two years. We talk UK vs US SEO…
The biggest risk to all freelancers is that revenue streams dry up overnight. Nick shares advice to help lesson the risk of waking up broke.
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