Unresolved grief is another common, yet misunderstood, cause of inability to concentration or focus. Also, in our society we are often taught that grief can only come from death - and maybe divorce. But the reality is that grief can be caused by many things: loss of trust, death of a pet, moving, major life transitions (graduation, change of job, retirement, new baby, child moving out), and many others.

Finding completion to such relationships can restore that ability to concentrate, find joy and clarity in life, and be able to again move forward with purpose.

Best wishes to you. Happy to discuss further.

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I can relate to the depressing fact of not seeing your revenues beat last year's revenues. I’ve seen the same thing when I needed to refocus on more strategic and better-paying projects/clients; you have to take a hit for quite a while. Great to see you back with the SEO freelancer!

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